Why Join the Chamber

Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce provides you with a voice and opportunity to express your concerns, ideas and opinions on the future of our District. It gives you insight as to what current events are and how they can impact our community and your business. It is a way to be involved in what matters and how change can help us all.

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The Redruth and District Chamber of Commerce serves our business community as well as the community at large. Our objective is to help make a better District for all. Enhancing our businesses and helping to generate new opportunities.

Quote Thomas Edison


Each day brings new opportunities and challeges, together none are insumountable and each opportunity brings the possibility of change for the better.

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We all have ideas, dreams, hopes. Sharing those ideas and acting on them as a Team inspires others, especially our young to dream higher, believe in themselves and bring forward fresh and exciting new ideas.

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For over 100 years the Redruth Chamber of Commerce has represented our business community, we look forward to 100 years more of service.

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Cairn Brea Castle

Reaching Out

Our Distict is comprised of many businesses, large and small, we must reach out to each and every one and extend a hand of friendship and cooperation.

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