Purpose and Principle Objectives
1. The principle objectives and purpose for which the Chamber is established are the promotion of: Commerce, Industry, Trade, Services, Transport and Education in Redruth and District.
Anything incidental to any of those objectives and in furtherance of the principal objectives the Chamber shall have the following express powers: a) To promote commerce, industry, trade, services, transport and education and in that connection to foster, advance, and protect commercial, industrial, trade, and professional enterprises and (without limitation) other activities and business undertakings of all kinds in the locality referred to above.
b) To provide and develop business services to members and others and in particular but without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing: I. To collect, analyse or disseminate information; including statistics and other economic and business information on all subjects of interest to members.
II. To act as training agents and to provide educational and industrial courses including higher educational advisory services such as training needs, analysis, and management export and training consultancy.
III. To promote, organise and participate in international trade. IV. To encourage, establish and support employment initiatives and initiatives for the start-up businesses and enterprises
c) To promote and protect the collective interests, views and opinions of the members and stimulate interest in and promote support or oppose any legislation or policies (whether local, municipal, regional, national or international) affecting the interests of commerce, industry, trade, services, transport and education.
d) To promote high standards of business and the recognition and use of national and international standards.
e) To provide a means of securing business involvement, corporately and individually, within the local community or communities within the District, to develop, business links with and between enterprises and authorities, to develop and foster working relationships both within and outside the locality that will achieve the greatest prosperity for the locality and its people and to stimulate public awareness of business interest.
f) To seek to attain all or any of the principal objectives of the Chamber by united action with other Chambers of Commerce, industry, the British Chamber of Commerce or other bodies in those cases where it appears that united action may ease the accomplishment of a particular objective

Cornish Coat of Arms

Redruth and District Chamber of Commerce Seal

Making a differenece.

  • Pride in our District.
  • Community Spirit.
  • Respect for all
  • Equality.
  • Hope for the future.

Our members are the foundation of this Chamber, diverse businesses working together for the good of all.

  • Krowji, The Melting Pot, Anson Care Services.
  • The Craft Collective, Kabuki's Hair Salon'
  • Zen Nails, Long Haired Music, Wheal Buller Riding School
  • Thurstan Hoskin Solicitors, Cash Generators Redruth.
  • Bystro at The Lamb and Flag, Tree Beard's Tavern.
  • Redruth Optical Centre, Penventon Hotel, Eldeflower Studios
  • Barb's Lil Shop, Redruth Off License, Scrubb Inn and more..


This Chamber proudly represents all of our members, the District and our community. Through cooperation and partnership with local government, organizations, schools and other Chambers, we work to make a difference for all.

Check list for Membership

  • Completed Membership Application.
  • First Years Subscription
  • Attend a meeting of The Chamber
  • Provide a brief summary of your business.
  • Include contact info and business hours.
  • This info is requested so we may place your business on our digital media and marketing platforms.